TRAINING for SFP 3-5, 6-11 and 12-16 Group Leaders

USA and Canada:

Training of SFP group leaders by SFP-certified trainers and technical assistance for implementation, including quality/fidelity assurance and evaluation, are provided by  Ahearn Greene Associates, SP.  Contact Dr. Jeanie Ahearn Greene, (240) 460-3931 or


Training of SFP group leaders by SFP-certified trainers and technical assistance for implementation,and outcome evaluation are provided by SFP Program Developer, Dr. Karol Kumpfer. Contact Dr. Karol Kumpfer, 801-583-4601 or

Training Information, USA, Canada & International:

Fees are $4,350 for a two-day SFP group leader training for 35 or fewer trainees or $3,700 for a training of 15 or fewer.The training fee includes a master set on CD of SFP course materials for one age-variant and site-limited license to reproduce copies of the course materials for the agency's own use.

Trainer travel expenses for two or one trainers, for the larger or smaller groups, respectively, including transportation, lodging, and per diem are reimbursable in addition to the training fee. Upon request we can offer a comprehensive fee including training, CD, and all travel for trainer(s).

SFP training teams typically include a woman and a man and reflect the ethnicity of the trainees and families to be served. Training in the United States is available in English and in Spanish. The training fee includes some technical assistance in implementation.

Staffing to implement SFP requires a bare minimum of five trained staff: two group leaders for the parents, two for children or teens, and a site coordinator. If your budget is limited and the number to be trained is small, you may be able to send your trainees to a training already scheduled to be hosted by another agency. Ahearn Greene Associates will help you locate other trainings, but the terms and costs are negotiated directly with the host agency. Finding a training in your region to meet your schedule is often difficult, however, and travel costs for your trainees often more than offset cost savings over hosting your own training.

SFP group leader trainings include both instruction and participation by trainees and include:

  • Conceptual basis and origins of SFP
  • Overall structure and operation of SFP
  • Overview of the parent, child, and family curriculums
  • Learning "Child's Game" and "Parent's Game" in SFP3-5 and SFP6-11 and "Our Time" and "Clear Directions" in SFP12-16
  • Simulation experience delivering sessions from parent, child, and family courses
  • Recruiting and retaining families and decreasing attrition
  • Administering evaluation instruments
  • Dealing with ethical and legal problems; handling crisis; providing referrals
  • Group leading skills
Evaluation of SFP implementations offered through Ahearn Greene Associates (North American) or Alta Institute/Dr. Kumpfer (International) is comprehensive, normed against a national data base, and extremely cost-competitive. All evaluations are supervised by the program developer. A follow-up on-site visit once implementation has begun is often helpful in assuring fidelity and program effectiveness. See Program Evaluation page for more detail.